Bagh Caves

Bagh Caves of Madhya Pradesh are counted amongst the finest specimens of Buddhist art and architecture in India. Bagh Buddhist Caves, like the caves at Ajanta, find shape on a perpendicular rock face of a hill.

These five Buddhist caves are situated on the bank of Baghini River and lie approximately seven km from the village of Bagh, in the Kukshi Tehsil of Dhar District. According to legends, before being discovered, they served as home to many tigers. Hence, they got the name 'Bagh', which means 'Tiger' in Hindi. Later, these caves also served as residential places, meditation centers and religious congregation sites for Buddhist monks. Thus, one can notice preponderance of Buddhist mysticism in these cave sanctuaries.

There are residential cells inside, along with a large central cell enshrining a Buddhist stupa at the back end, which served as the 'chaitya' or prayer hall. Bagh Caves also hold numerous sculptures of Buddha and Boddhisattvas within their precincts. A painting of the Bodhisattva 'Padmapani' housed here exemplifies the Padmapani figure found in Ajanta.


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