Jami Masjid

Jami Masjid is located on the plateau of the Mandu and hold a prosperous history of the place and of the Islam in the by gone days. The Masjid was built by the rulers of Ghauri dynasty. The intricate marble work and its huge size will definitely give you the scope to unveil the mysterious past.

This giant red-stone mosque is visible even from a few kilometers away, thanks to the dominating architectural techniques used by Hoshang Shah who has sought encouragement to build this monument from the 'Omayyed Mosque' in Damascus, Syria.

Unfortunately, Hoshang Shah could not see the monument before its completion as it lasted a long 49 years and was completed under Mohammed Khilji. Despite its simplicity.

The mosque remains quiet and tranquil as the mosque is not a historical monument only. The mosque was once a place for thousands of worshipers is now nothing but bears the history. The gigantic area depicts the capacity of accommodating an ample amount of worshipers. There are small chambers which were used for various reasons. The domes that are place are the trademark of Afghan architecture. There are two main entrances that invites tourist to explore the wonderful creation which stands high in prestige and honor of Ghauri dynasty.

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